Jaye Bee,


Third foster home, first family, first birthday...

At the age of seven, I was placed with my third and final foster family where I was embraced and celebrated my very first birthday. 

As I got older, I was promptly told by case workers that my chances of getting adopted were decreasing due to most families not adopting teenagers. You could merely imagine what that did to the mind of a child whose only wish was to become part of a family. 1,865 days later I was adopted by the same adoring family.

Getting adopted really sparked the immense desire to amply provide my family with the prosperous life we all deserve to live and to give back to those of us who’ve had a ‘less than ideal’ start. Man oh man, has this journey been full of enchanting experiences. 

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Our Vision For You

Prosperity has various definitions when you look it up. What does it signify to you? We interpret prosperity as “flourishing, thriving, good fortune that also produces profuse wealth in multiple aspects, such as happiness, health and finances.”

Here at Veracious Prosperity, it is our goal to aid families in achieving true freedom. In doing so, they will get back their most precious asset, time together.

Our vision for the future is being able to free hundreds of thousands of families from the conventional working life, allowing them to experience the prosperous life that they deserve.

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